Top 10 sap interview questions on Transaction Codes

Top 10 sap interview questions on Transaction Codes

Transaction code is known as Tcode in SAP. This is  4 digit shortcut key to access the requested transaction.

Q1.What is ABAP Queries and it’s Transaction codes?

–SQ03: It is used to maintain user group of ABAP Queries.

Q2. What is the difference between Like and Type statement of ABAP?

LIKE: By Using Like keyword, we can only refer the existing data objects. Syntax: DATA: <Variable_Name> LIKE <Table_field>

Q3.How to Declare internal table?

Internal table can be declared by Two ways: 1. Data Internal_Table type standard table of <Types/ Structure Name >. 2. Data Internal_Table type table of

Q4.What is Clear, Refresh and Free statements of SAP ABAP?

Free: Free is used to clear the data of internal table as well as internal table allocation memory.

Q5.Explain some important systems fields which we used frequently.

Some frequent used system fields are:

Q6. What is Modularization technique?

Modularization technique we used to make our code more understandable or more readable.

Q7.What is the difference between Subroutine and Function Module?

Subroutine is local we can use it on same not from the outside of the same program while

Q8.How to make editable an ALV reports in SAP ABAP?

To  make editable ALV report we just need to pass “X” in field EDIT to slis_t_fieldcat_alv. Wa_fcat type slis_fieldcat_alv. Wa_fcat-edit = ‘X’.

Q9.Transaction codes related with Smart form?

Transaction codes are used in Smartforms are: 1. Smartforms 2. Smartstyles 3. Smartform_trace

Q10.What is Pretty Painter?

Pretty painter is used to formating our porgram. Used to allign our program and convert the keyword and source code into upper case.

please check mentioned transaction codes are related to SmartForms, Reports and Conversions.

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