Request for Quotation in SAP MM|| Request for Quotation


What is Request for Quotation in SAP? Request for Quotation is second phase of our P2P Cycle in SAP, in this phase purchase organization and purchase group will mark the vendor and ask for the quotation against the purchase requisition generated by plant/warehouses. Quotation process in sap or anywhere follow the below process to complete … Read more

Purchase Requisition in SAP MM |Purchase Requisition Table in SAP

Purchase Requisition in SAP MM

What is Purchase requisition in SAP? Purchase Requisition in sap is a first phase of P2P (Process to Pay) Cycle in SAP. After Determining the Material or requirement of materials we will proceed the purchase requisition process. To know more about P2P (Process to Pay) Cycle please check our previous post or click on below … Read more

Material Master in SAP। SAP Material Master Views। Create Material Master।Material Master Tables In SAP

How to create material Master in SAP

If you want to know what is material master in SAP ,Views & View Creation in Material Master then should read this article. Material Master Definition Material Master in SAP is logical representation of our Material, Article, Service, name of goods which we trade. To check physical inventory in system we create logical material in … Read more

MM Module in SAP

MM Module in SAP

What is MM Module in SAP (Material Management )? SAP MM (Material Management) is a functional module in SAP ERP system which is responsible for all kind of Logistic, Procurement and Inventory related process. It plays a very important role in manufactures Supply Chain. MM Module in SAP SAP MM is one of the most … Read more

Create Purchase Group in SAP MM

Create Purchase Group in SAP MM

What is Purchase Group in SAP MM? A Purchase Group is a group of a buyers who is responsible for procure or deal with selected group of materials. For Example, if we discuss about any Footwear and Apparels Retail business there is multiple division like Footwear, Garment and Accessory so we must buy or process … Read more

Create Storage Location Automatically

What is the Meaning of Create Storage Location Automatically ? Basically, it’s not creating storage Location for a plant, it’s creating storage Location data for your Material. Let’s say you have plant X, and you have storage location A and B for your plant, but you haven’t created B storage location but when you activate … Read more

Create Storage Location in SAP MM in 2 ways

What is Storage Location in SAP MM? In SAP Storage Location is the place where we keep our traded product, our production, raw material which we can use in our production and for further supply. We can have multiple storage locations for one plant. in the below article we will learn how to create storage … Read more

Define Plant in SAP MM in 2 Ways

What is Plant in SAP MM? In SAP plant is a manufacturing unit/physical location or we can say factory of that company in general term, where we produce our product or where we trade our product,Plant is responsible for the planning, procurement, delivery of goods and services to customers or other resources of an organization … Read more