What is Graphics Card & What is the use of Graphics card in PC/Laptop?

What is Graphics Card in Laptop/Desktop ?

In this new modern world everyone knows about computer (PC/Laptop).We all know that computer is an electronic device which consists of many types of hardware parts like motherboard, RAM, CPU, keyboard, mouse etc.Graphics card is also a very important and integral part of computer which can be integrated in motherboard or card. in this article we will know about What is Graphics Card ?

Graphics card, also Knows as display card, video card, graphics adapter etc., The graphics card acts as an expansion card to enhance your viewing experience and generate a better feed of the output display devices such as monitors/LCD/LED screen. At the central of both is the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which is the main part that does the actual computations.

Graphics processing (GPU) technology has evolved to offer unique advantages in the computing world. GPU opens up new possibilities in gaming, animation, learning, and it is naturally very important for gamers and video editors.

What is Graphics Card

Types of Graphics Card in Laptop/Desktop

1. Integrated

Graphics integrated into the motherboard where no external card is used. You will find these into most ‘standard’ laptops and desktops. That graphics is very cost-effective model but because they are ‘fixed’ they cannot be easily upgraded.

2. Separated Not Fixed

An add-in graphics card that is installed on to the motherboard as an extra component in form of Card in Graphics card slot (PCI, PCI Express, AGP, ISA Slots) this type is ideal for those users who want to modify their system by upgrading the graphics card at a later date. We can upgrade card anytime related to our requirements.

How to Check Graphics Card in Laptop/Desktop ?

if you need to check what type of configuration graphics card is installed in your laptop or desktop, then follow below step to find graphics card details.

Method 1. Using “dxdiag” in run command

  1. Open Run Dialogue Box and Type dxdiag then click OK button
How to Check Graphics Card in  Laptop

2. Now the DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open. after click on display tab

How to Check Graphics Card in  Laptop

3. Now you can find your graphics information as shown in the picture.

How to Check Graphics Card in Laptop PC

What is a GPU ?

GPU Stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It’s called ‘brain’ of the graphics card and it is what creates the visuals you see on the screen. GPU efficiency will vary depending on the model you choose.. GPU works as a translator it takes data coming from the CPU and convert it into imagery. More specialized Visuals, such as those you’ll find in high-definition games, require a more complex and faster GPU to serve up the data stream.

Discrete (Add-on graphics Card) Manufacturers

In Markets there are two main manufactures of disjoined graphics cards: NVIDIA & AMD. Some users have faithfulness to a particular brand but these both brands will do the same job. Intel is the current market leader for integrated graphics but AMD also produce some Integrated (Fixed) graphics.

Memory (RAM) configurations

Graphics cards also contain RAM memory. This memory separated dedicated to graphics memory it’s definite from PC’s memory. Memory is too much important on a graphics card because it’s allows users to play games & Photos editing work at higher resolutions.

Generally most of the games required min 1GB memory and it’s supposed to be vary according to games because graphics memory gives us better resolution which required by gamers & Photos editing software.

We have various types of graphics card available at market we can choose them according to our requirements and system configuration.

Supported Monitors

Generally Graphics cards can support multiple types of monitors. However the number is decided by the GPU and the number of available output. We should check the specifications of each individual graphics card to find out how many types of monitors it could support.


What is Graphics Card

In short if we want comprehensive gaming experience and want to work on HD quality videos and photos then we have to use discrete graphics card and supported monitor to make our work smooth and more attractive.

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