Fix Computer date and time keeps changing windows 7/8/10

how to change date and time in windows 10

Sometimes when you switch on your PC/Laptop you will find that your system keeps changing the date and time automatically, which is very unwanted or unusual, then at that time you change the date/time accordingly. But when you log into your system the next day or check after system reboot you find that the problem … Read more

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10

Fix USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10

Nowadays PC/Laptop often encounters a problem when you try to use external USB devices like hard disk, printer, mouse etc and it’s very disappointing that it’s not easily solved at that time but don’t worry We have solution to solve this error “ USB Device Not Recognized “ In this article we will provide you … Read more

What is Graphics Card & What is the use of Graphics card in PC/Laptop?

what is graphics card

What is Graphics Card in Laptop/Desktop ? In this new modern world everyone knows about computer (PC/Laptop).We all know that computer is an electronic device which consists of many types of hardware parts like motherboard, RAM, CPU, keyboard, mouse etc.Graphics card is also a very important and integral part of computer which can be integrated … Read more