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How to create material Master in SAP

what is material master in sap | sap material master | master data in sap mm | MM01 | sap material master views and fields | table for material type in sap | material master views in sap If you want to know what is material master in SAP ,Views & View Creation in Material … Read more

MM Module in SAP

MM Module in SAP

What is MM Module in SAP (Material Management )? SAP MM (Material Management) is a functional module in SAP ERP system which is responsible for all kind of Logistic, Procurement and Inventory related process. It plays a very important role in manufactures Supply Chain. MM Module in SAP SAP MM is one of the most … Read more

What is SAP Systems Applications, Products and Data Processing ?


What is SAP | types of modules in SAP | modules Types in SAP |SAP Functional Modules | SAP Technical Modules | What is SAP? SAP stands for Systems Applications, Products and Data Processing. SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. It is designed and developed by the German based company SAP AG (Limited), … Read more

What is SSD and HDD ?


SSD and HDD are both storage devices and do the same thing. In terms of looks, both are almost identical in their physical specifications. However, both are working on their unique features. In this article we are going to tell about SSD and HDD and its difference. Here you will learn about all the device … Read more

Fix Error “windows cannot connect to the printer” on Win 7 8/10

windows cannot connect to the printer

Nowadays when you use a network printer, a new error appears very often Your network printer is not connected to the originally installed printer system after the September’2021 Microsoft Windows Update (KB5005565) . and is not easily resolved Even if you try to add them it shows below error :- windows cannot connect to the … Read more

Fix Computer date and time keeps changing windows 7/8/10

how to change date and time in windows 10

Sometimes when you switch on your PC/Laptop you will find that your system keeps changing the date and time automatically, which is very unwanted or unusual, then at that time you change the date/time accordingly. But when you log into your system the next day or check after system reboot you find that the problem … Read more