Fix Computer date and time keeps changing windows 7/8/10

Computer date and time keeps changing windows 7

Sometimes when you switch on your PC/Laptop you will find that your system keeps changing the date and time automatically, which is very unwanted or unusual, then at that time you change the date/time accordingly. But when you log into your system the next day or check after system reboot you find that the problem is not resolved and the time and date are not correct then you repeat the same process for real time setting.    

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Replacement CMOS Battery

CMOS stands for “Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor” is one of the most important part of a motherboard. It stores BIOS (Basic input output system) firmware in our PC/Laptop as well as date and time. When CMOS battery getting weak or faulty it does not store valid date /time.

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  • Purchase New CMOS Battery from computer hardware centre/shop.
  • Then Shut down your PC. Make sure all external power Connection has been down or unplugged.
  • Open your PC cabinet cover and remove the old CMOS battery and replace with the new one.
  • Then start PC and once you have to set valid date/time, its time Zone.
  • After all this process your Date/time changing issue fixed.

We don’t recommend to do the second step without prior knowledge of technical hardware, and we would recommend that you better go to technical partners if it is better not to damage your PC/Laptop.

Please do the second step only if you have knowledge about computer hardware and if you have done the procedure before.   

Hope you will get your solution!! .Stay connected with us for more effective and working solutions.


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