How to check RAM speed in PC/LAPTOP

How to check ram speed in PC | What is RAM | SDRAM types | check RAM Speed in Windows 10 | How to check my RAM | how to check ram speed windows 10

Hello Friends Welcome to In this Blog we will discuss about how to check type of RAM in PC/Laptop, but before start let us first know what is RAM and what are its types which are currently use

How to check RAM speed in PC/LAPTOP

What is RAM ?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. This is a hardware device located (mounted) in the motherboard that can be removed to upgrade or replace the RAM. This type of memory stores temporary data in the CPU that we read or write until the CPU power is turned off. This type of memory can be described as volatile memory, as it is based on results, data or processing running on the device. In short when CPU is on it works and it is consumed and when CPU is off it clears the memory and gets loaded on next boot.

Every computer has RAM and it defines your CPU performance. Even the CPU booting time depends on the process or RAM in there. If you are working on multi process or want to improve the performance of your CPU then you need to replace your RAM or upgrade RAM capacity as per your respective hardware support.

Types of RAM

There are two types of RAM

  1. DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory)
  2. SRAM (Static Random Access Memory)


StandardRelease YearBus Clock(MHZ)Transfer rate(MT/s)Voltage
SDRAM1993100-166100-1663.3 V
DDR2000133-200266-4002.5/2.6 V
DDR2 SDRAM2003200–533400–10661.8 V
DDR3 SDRAM2007400–1066800–21331.35/1.5 V
DDR 4 SDRAM2014800–16002133-32001.2 V
DDR 5 SDRAM20202400–36004800-70001.1 V

How to check RAM speed in PC and Capacity in Windows 10

To check RAM Speed in Windows 10, you need to follow below steps.

Step#1. Open Task Manager through right click on Task bar and select Task Manger.

How to check ram speed in PC
how to check ram on windows 10

Step#2 Now select the performance tab as you can see in the image below Memory option indicates RAM memory in CPU, and in this image I have already highlighted the speed and capacity of RAM.

In this image we can see that the PC/Laptop has integrated DDR3 RAM and its speed is 1600MHz

How to check ram speed in PC
how to check ram on windows 10

How to check ram speed in PC and Capacity with speccy software

Speccy is a freeware application software that provides CPU information such as hard disk, RAM, CPU, motherboard and All components hardware/software that are integrated into the CPU. it supports all Microsoft Operating System Versions.

Step#1. Download Speccy Software First This is a free version so it can be easily downloaded.

Step#2. Now install this speccy software, it will take 3 or 5 minutes to install and load.

Step#3. when it is load it shown as image below you just need to click on RAM Option if you need to check ram speed and Type in PC

check RAM Speed in Windows 10
speccy software Screenshot


1.What is RAM and ROM full form?

RAM stands for Random Access Memory where the full form of ROM is Read Only Memory.
RAM is volatile memory that keeps temporary memory.
ROM is not volatile memory it keeps Permanent Memory.

2. What are the types of RAM?

There two types of RAM
Static RAM (SRAM)
Dynamic RAM (DRAM)

3. What if the RAM Frequency Doesn’t Match ?

Your system may not work properly.
Your system may restart the PC frequently.
While booting the system will go for hardware self test.

4.Does more RAM increase system performance?

Yes, RAM increases the performance of the system because it works on memory when you use PC many programs need more memory to get the performance where RAM helps you to achieve it.

5.How to check RAM on windows 10

How to check RAM on windows 10

To check RAM on windows 10 you have to go to task manager and select performance tab after that you have to click on memory section where you will get details of RAM which is installed on your computer.

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