What is SpyHuman app | SpyHuman App Download | Install SpyHuman App

What is SpyHuman | SpyHuman App Download | Install SpyHuman App | How to Download SpyHuman App | spy human app | SpyHuman App Download For android | SpyHuman Application Features

spyhuman app download

In today’s blog we will tell about SpyHuman app. Spy Human app tracks and stores your mobile’s daily activity which you can view later.In this blog, we will tell you about the SpyHuman app, what is Spy Human and how to use it.

What is SpyHuman Application ?

The SpyHuman app is a premium mobile tracking app that you can install on the mobiles of your kids, your employees and others to track their phone usage like phone calls, location history, social media and more.

SpyHuman App is an Android application designed to track mobile activity. This is a kind of tracking app that you can install on the mobile phone and store the activity of that mobile phone.You can use this app to monitor mobile activity of kids and near and dear or colleagues for their safety and also track which application they are using in mobile.

Application SpyHuman App ( spy human app android App )
User Any Android mobile user who has at least Android version 3.0 or higher on their mobile device.
Work Area Works Worldwide
BenefitsHelps to prevent misleading and tracking mobile data
official websitehttps://spyhuman.com/

What are the features of SpyHuman App.

Basically it is an application that monitors all the activities on the target device like call log, location, website browsing, social media, image gallery and other features, we will tell you about some of the main features of them.

SpyHuman Application Features

Contact Book

  • In this, all the contact details of the user are shown like name, number and any other information if added to the number, as well as information about the deleted numbers.

Call Tracker

  • Call Logs : Through this app, you can check the log of incoming and outgoing calls of the Android Mobile.
  • Call Recording : Through this app, you can also do call recording of mobile phone, for which this app first records the conversation in encrypted data and later uploads it through the app.
  • Call Blocker : You can trigger the phone number as a call blocker that the user will not be able to receive and will not allow calls to that number.

SMS Tracker

  • Using this, you can track the SMS of the mobile, from which number the user is getting the SMS and to which number he is sending the SMS and what is the message in that SMS.

Location Tracker

  • In Location Tracker, it tracks the GPS device of the mobile and stores the user’s location information such as the user’s current location, current map and location history, showing where the user has been in the recent past.

Social Media

  • The application copies data from mobile social media platforms Facebook and WhatsApp and upload it to the interface, in which it tracks all the activity in social media.

Website Browsing Details

  • Browsing History : With the help of this app, you can monitor website activities on mobile device.
  • Website Blocker : You can use as a website blocker and block the website so that the user will not be able to access the website which you have already blocked.

Image Tracker

  • This will give you access to the user’s photo gallery in which photos and camera images can be viewed easily.


  • If your mobile is stolen and when your mobile SIM is changed then it will alert you, with the help of which you will be able to track the mobile.

How to use SpyHuman App

You have to install this app in the target device on whose phone you want to do it, after that this app will start automatically in background which will not be detected by target mobile user and Will work without any alert or notice. This app will store the data and upload it to the online interface where you can view it.

How to install SpyHuman App in Mobile Device.

Register on SpyHuman

To install SpyHuman app you need to register yourself on SpyHuman website, follow the steps below to register in SpyHuman.

  • Visit the SpyHuman website and click on the Register.
  • Now enter your mobile number, e-mail address, password, confirm password and click on checkbox and click on submit button.
  • After clicking on submit button a link will appear on the given email id, you have to verify it.

SpyHuman App Download For android

Go to the Spy Human App ( https://spyhuman.com/index.html ) Website.

SpyHuman App Download

Now the installation page will open, here you can watch the installation video or directly download the app as shown in the image below.

SpyHuman App Download

Now download page will open where you can click on download button Android APK downloading will start.

SpyHuman App Download

Install SpyHuman App

Open the APK and click on Install button.

Install SpyHuman App
Install SpyHuman App

Now click on open and proceed with the installation

Install SpyHuman App

Now choose the monitoring option

Install SpyHuman App

Now while installing it you will get a lot of permissions which you have to enable and open.

Install SpyHuman App

SpyHuman APP Pricing

As we already know now SpyHuman is a premium app, so Spyhuman is Premium app so that You can download and install the SpyHuman app for free, but you’ll need to pay $9.99 per month to use it on one device Or you can just use the trial version for 7 days.

FAQ on Spy Human App Download

What is SpyHuman App ?

SpyHuman is an Android application for tracking all activities on the target device.

Spyhuman App is available in Google Play.

No, SpyHuman is currently not available in the Google Play Store.

What are the charges for the trial version.

There is no charge to use the trial version but you can use it for 7 days only and further you have to pay 9.99 $ per month.

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