What is CleanUp exe how to use CleanUp! exe install Now & Speed-Up Your Computer

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We use a laptop/pc, at some point we found that our laptop or pc reacts slow or takes too much time in processing when We realize that we need to clear our system temp files/cache files/cookies/prefetch files and internet cookies, we do the above clearing process one by one and then our system response faster than before the cleanup process. and this process will work but what you do one by one it takes more time and some files are in read only mode or process which is not deleted at that time so you leave it.

What is CleanUp exe how to use CleanUp! exe install Now & Speed-Up Your Computer

So in this article we will introduce Cleanup EXE which can do all the work in just one click. This exe remove all temporary files/cache files/cookies/prefetch files and internet cookies from your PC.

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What is CleanUp exe

Cleanup System Cleaner is application software developed by stevengould.org that remove all unwanted files from your PC. It remove junk files, cookies, temporary files and unwanted clipboard settings with just one click.

  • Easy To install
  • need minimum Requirements
  • Operates in a single click

It removes below categories from your PC

  • Recycle bin
  • Newsgroup Cache
  • cookies
  • It works on All users
  • Bookmarks/Favorites Places
  • reset scores of standard games
  • Fully Erase Files

System Requirements for CleanUp exe

Operating System :

  • WIndows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • WIndows xp
  • Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0,Windows ME,Windows 98,Windows 95

Space Requirement

  • need 3 mb space to install and take 600Kb approx after installation

How to Install CleanUp exe

Step 1. Click the link below or go to the official Website http://www.stevengould.org/index.php and click on do click on CleanUp! 4.5.2 Download to start download

Step 2. after the completing the download process you need do the double click on exe. and just follow the instruction and click i agree button to license agreement and click the next button to install the exe into the system.

Step 3. you can see the below image to reference..

How to Install CleanUp exe

CleanUp exe How it Works

Step 1. After setup is complete you will see the below screen and you have to click on Cleanup! button to start the cleaning process.

CleanUp exe How it Works

Step 2. But before you start the process, we recommend that you check the options screen to check the basic settings, as there are some settings or files you don’t need to delete

There are 4 types of setups in Cleanup! , you can see in the image below. You have to check the clicks one by one or drag the trigger up and down from the quick setup item. Each setup gives you changes to the settings that will or will not be removed

CleanUp exe settings

Step 3. Now you have done the setting part, now is the time to use this application as I told you earlier the application works on just one click. you need do just click on CleanUp! It will start working automatically,

after the process is over it will show you a pop-up where it will ask you the option of yes or no which means if you click on yes then it will log out your PC If you choose no the cleanup window will exit.

CleanUp exe How it Works
Showing The Process
CleanUp exe How it Works
This means that the cleaning process is completed, you need to click on the close button
CleanUp exe How it Works
it will ask you a permission to logoff your system

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We recommend that you always visit the official website of the respective software/application tool that you are going to use or download as third party websites can harm your system.

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