Purchase Order in SAP | Create Purchase Order in SAP | SAP Netweaver Portal 7.3

Create Purchase Order in SAP | Creating a Purchase Order in SAP | Create Purchase Order | ME21N Tcode in SAP | Purchase Order Transaction Code | Purchase order table in SAP | Create purchase order from purchase request in SAP

Purchase Order in SAP| Creating a Purchase Order in SAP
Purchase Order in SAP| Creating a Purchase Order in SAP

Purchase Order in SAP

Purchase order in SAP is used to procure the services or material from external sources or vendor, Purchase order can be used for internal procurement too like stock transfer order. Transfer goods from one warehouse to your own other warehouse. Purchase order can be used to subcontracting and consignment process too.

Purchase order creation is in process of P2P cycle, after material determination, requisition and finalizing the quotation purchase team will process the purchase order to vendor for which we evaluate quotation.

After finalizing vendor and materials purchase team will generate the purchase order to selected vendor on quoted price by vendor.

In SAP we will create the purchase order by transaction code ME21N by entering header details like Purchasing organization, Purchasing group, company code, and vendor etc. and in item details material number, quantity, plant, storage location and price and other rest details system will considered default or according to customized implemented.

PO can be Classified by Following List.

Standard – Receiving required materials from vendor, for example we need tag or laces we directly placed the standard order to selected vendor.

Subcontracting– Subcontracting is job work process provided raw materials (ROH) to vendor and vendor will process the raw material (ROH) to finished product (FERT), for example we ask for job work to vendor of our Sweatshirt which is not washed in this case we will ask to vendor for job work of washing and placed the subcontracting to vendor for washing.

Consignment-Purchasing materials that were kept in organization storage location and paying to vendor for that. It is used in contract of carriage.

Stock transfer – Transferring material within same organization, for example plant 1000 required some materials but it’s not available at plant 2000 in this case plant 2000 will ask for the required material to other plant 1000 if this materials stock is available at plant 1000.

Create Purchase Order in SAP ME21N Tcode in SAP

Purchase order in sap created by ME21N Tcode in SAP. Below we will discuss step by step process to creating a purchase order in sap using transaction code ME21N.

Step#1. Enter the Transaction Code ME21N in command box.

 ME21N Tcode in SAP
ME21N Tcode in SAP

Step#2. Now Purchase order creation screen will open here you have to enter some details like

  • Document Type
  • Vendor Code
  • Organization Level detail- Purchase Organization, Purchase Group, Company Code
  • Material Code
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Plant – Where Stock received
  • Storage Location
 ME21N Tcode in SAP

Step#3. Now click on save or save the process your purchase order number will be generated.

 ME21N Tcode in SAP
PO Number

Create purchase order from purchase request in SAP

We can also create purchase order in sap via purchase requisition, For creating a purchase order in sap from purchase requisition you just need to follow the below mentions steps:

Step#1. Enter the Transaction code ME21N in command box.

Step#2. Click On Document Overview button.

Step#3. Click on selection Variant button and find out your created Purchase Requisition.

Step#4. Select the created purchase requisition and click on adopt button, Now you will see the complete details in your purchase order form check it and save it your purchase order has been created.

Purchase Order Table in SAP

These below mention tables are related to Purchase Order in SAP.

Table Name             Short Description                                          
EK05A                  Communication Area Purchasing – Financial Accounting       
EK05N                  New Account Assignment Objects in Purchasing               
EK08ARRANG             Simplified Invoice Item                                    
EK08B                  Delivery Costs for Invoice Verification                    
EK08BN                 Delivery Costs for Invoice Verification (New)              
EK08BN_CR              Delivery Costs for Invoice Verification (Currencies)       
EK08BN_ITEM            Deliv.Costs for Invoice Verif.(Totals Recs for MultAcctAsgt)
EK08BON                Volume Rebate Settlement                                   
EK08BZ                 Additional Data EK08BN                                     
EK08ERS                Purchase Order Item Data for ERS Procedure                 
EK08ERSDC              Planned Delivery Costs for ERS                             
EK08ERSWE              Goods Receipts for ERS Method                              
EK08G                  Joint Fields for EK08RN and EK08BN                          
EK08MWDAT              (Tax) Amount for Tax Code                                  
EK08R                  Order Item Data for Invoice Verification                   
EK08RB                 Purchase Order History for Invoice Verification            
EK08RBB                Additional Data DRSEG for Batch Invoice Verification       
EK08RBZ                Additional Data EK08RB for Batch Invoice Verification      
EK08RN                 PO Item Data for Invoice Verification (New)                
EK08RN_CR              Order Item Data for Invoice Verification (Currencies)      
EK08RN_ITEM            PO Item Data for Invoice Verification (Multiple Acct Assgmt)
EK08RZ                  Additional Data EK08RN                                     
EK08Z                  Additional Data: Dialog Invoice Item with PO Ref.          
EK9A                   Creditworthiness History                                    
EKAB                   Release Documentation                                      
EKABF                  Release Documentation in Foreign Currency                  
EKABL                  Blocking Structure for Create Release Documentation        
EKABM                  Quantities Released Against a Contract Item                
EKABS                  Totals, Release Documentation                              
EKAB_GR                Transfer Structure for Release Documentation at Time of GR 
EKAN                   Vendor Address: Purchasing Document                        
EKBE                   History per Purchasing Document                            
EKBEAPOMS              Interface Structure EKBE GR/GI for APO Scheduling Agreement
EKBEDATA               History per Purchasing Document                            
EKBEDATA_MA            History for Purchasing Document w. Multiple Acct Assignment
EKBEH                  Removed PO History Records                                 
EKBEH_MA               Removed PO History Records at Account Assignment Level     
EKBEK                   Purchase Orders for Account Maintenance                    
EKBEL                  Purchasing Document Number and Header Items                
EKBEL_KEY              Key for accessing purchasing document data                 
EKBEN                  PO History with Indicator “New Data Set”                   
EKBES                  Item Totals from Purchase Order History                    
EKBESL                 Service Totals from Purchase Order History                  
EKBES_MA               Total Purchase Order History at Account Assignment Level   
EKBES_N                Help Structure for Tree in IV                              
EKBEV                  PO History for Update Program                               
EKBEX                  Checkbox Bar of Transfer Structure for PO History          
EKBEZ                  GR/IR – Assignment from Purchase Order History             
EKBE_KEY               Structure for Array Fetch: Table EKBE                      
EKBE_KEY_DOCUMENT      Structure for Accessing a Document in Table EKBE           
EKBE_MA                History of Purchasing Document at Account Assignment Level 
EKBE_MAV                PO History Multi Acct Assignment for Transfer to Update Task
EKBE_MA_S              History of Purchasing Document at Account Assignment Level 
EKBE_SC                Component Consumption History for Subcontracting            
EKBE_SRV_SUM           Totals History for SRV Documents                           
EKBE_XFELD             PO History with XFELD indicator                            
EKBI                   Generated Table for View                                    
EKBNK                  Purchasing Fields, Inventory Management, Delivery Costs    
EKBNK_CR               Purchasing Fields: Inventory Mgmt. Deliv. Costs (Currencies)
EKBNK_KDM              Purch. Fields Inventory Mgmt Overheads Exch. Rate Difference
EKBNK_MA               Total Delivery Costs at Account Assignment Level           
EKBNK_MA_CR            Total Delivery Costs at Acc. Assgmt. Level for Currencies  
EKBNK_N                Help Structure for Tree in IV                              
EKBO                   Index of Docs. for Price Determ./Updating, Subsequent Sett.
EKBO_FO                Communication structure for update transaction             
EKBP                    Transfer: MM Purchase Order (Ordering Statistics)          
EKBZ                   History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs            
EKBZDATA               Delivery Costs for Purchasing Document                      
EKBZDATA_MA            Deliv. Costs for Purch. Document with Multiple Account Assgt
EKBZH                  History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs            
EKBZH_MA               History Table Delivery Costs at Account Assignment Level   
EKBZ_KEY               Structure for Array Fetch: Table EKBZ                      
EKBZ_MA                Delivery Costs at Account Assignment Level                 
EKBZ_MA_S               Delivery Costs for Purchasing Docu. at Acct Assignment Level
EKB_KORR               List of Differences Betw. PO History and Clearing Accounts 
EKCC                   Index Table for CCP Process                                
EKCC_UPDATE            Update Structure for EKCC                                  
EKCOM                  Communications Work Area for Purchasing Document Accesses  
EKCPA                  Purchasing Contract Commitment Plan Account Assignment Data
EKCPADATA              Purchasing Contract Commitment Plan Account Assignment Info
EKCPAU                 EKCPA with Update Indicator                                
EKCPA_SEL              Selection Structure for EKCPA                              
EKCPH                  Purchasing Contract Commitment Plan Header Information     
EKCPHDATA              Purchasing Contract Commitment Plan Header Info Data Part  
EKCPHU                  EKCPH with Update Indicator                                
EKCPI                  Purchasing Contract Commitment Plan Item Information       
EKCPIDATA              Purchasing Commitment Plan Item Information Data Part       
EKCPIU                 EKCPI with Update Indicator                                
EKCPI_CTRM             Pur. Commitment Plan Item Information Data Part – Quantities
EKCREDITOR             Strcture to generate a vendor posting                       
EKDF                   Document Flow for Logistics Differential Invoice           
EKDI                   Rate Facts                                                 
EKDOC                  Table of Purchasing Documents for Article                  
EKDY                   Dummy Table for Database EBM                               
EKEH                   Scheduling Agreement Release Documentation                 
EKEHH                  Removed Scheduling Agreement Release Documentation         
EKEH_KEY               Structure for Array Fetch: Table EKEH                      
EKEK                   Header Data for Scheduling Agreement Releases              
EKEKH                   Removed Header Data of Scheduling Agreement Releases       
EKEK_X                 Extended Structure for Printing FRC Schedules              
EKEORD                 Source List Records for Article                             
EKES                   Vendor Confirmations                                       
EKESAPO                Interface Structure for Purchasing Documents -> APO        
EKESDATA               Vendor Confirmations Data Include                           
EKESU                  Auxiliary Structure EKES                                   
EKES_CONV_QTY          Contains Qty Conversn Factors btw. Delivery UoM & Order UoM
EKES_MG                ISAUTO: EKES_MG                                             
EKET                   Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines                        
EKETDATA               Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines                        
EKETDATA_SD            Shipment Scheduling Data for Delivery Schedule Line (Purch.)
EKETH                  Scheduling Agreement Schedules: History Tables             
EKETKEY                Key Schedule Line                                          
EKETU                   Update Structure for Purchase Requisition                  
EKET_UPDVIEW           Generated Table for View                                   
EKET_UPD_VIEW          Generated Table for View                                    
EKET_VSTAT             Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines with Processing Status 
EKGRP_RAN              Range Structure for Importing Arrangements by Purch. Group 
EKGR_RANGE             Range for Purchasing Group (EKGRP)                          
EKKI                   Purchasing Condition Index                                 
EKKN                   Account Assignment in Purchasing Document                  
EKKNU                  Work Structure for Account Assignments in Purchasing Doc.- 
EKKN_KEY               Structure for Array Fetch on Table EKKN                    
EKKN_SHP               Acct. Assgt. Data for Creation of Delivery (Stock Transfer)
EKKO                   Purchasing Document Header                                 
EKKODATA               Purchasing Document Header: Data Part                      
EKKOOAHEAD             Outline Agreement Header Data (Internal BAPI Structure)    
EKKOOAHEAX             Outline Agreement Header Data (Internal BAPI Structure)    
EKKO_BSTYP             Order Category of a Purchasing Document                    
EKKO_CI                Structure: Cust. Include for Field Transp. to Header Screen
EKKO_EKORG             Purchasing Organizations                                   
EKKO_KEY               Key for Table EKKO for Mass Accessing                      
EKKO_LIFNR             Article Number                                             
EKKO_LINE              Purchase Order Header Data in Selection for Expediting     
EKKO_TECH              Central Contract: technical attributes                     
EKLPCI                  History of Charges for Installment Plan Items (LPC in USA) 
EKLPCINV               History of Charges for Installment Plan Items (LPC in USA) 
EKLPCKEY               Key Information for Credit Data Record to Be Identified     
EKLPC_FIELDS_R979      Permissible Fields for Change to Event R979                
EKNDPLA                Blocking table for make-to-order production                
EKOG                   Command Group                                               
EKOMD                  Contract Master Conditions Structure for Printout          
EKON                   Franchise Contract MasterData                              
EKOND                  Screen Fields: IS-U Franchise Contr.                       
EKONG                  Franchise Contributions by Customer/Utility Co.            
EKONH                  Max. Prices/Quantities                                     
EKORG_RAN              Range Structure for Selection of Arrangements by Purch. Org.
EKORG_RANG             Range table for purchasing organizations – for general use 
EKORG_REF              Structure for purchasing org. – ref. POrg assignment       
EKPA                    Partner Roles in Purchasing                                
EKPB                   Article Provided Item in Purchasing Document             
EKPI_BW_EXTRACT        Preparation of BW Extract for Clarification                 
EKPO                   Purchasing Document Item                                   
EKPOADD                Additional Work Fields for Purchasing Document Item        
EKPOAPO                Interface Structure for Purchasing Documents -> APO        
EKPODATA               Purchasing Document Item: Data Part                        
EKPOLIGHT              Purchasing Document Item: Data Part                        
EKPOOAITEM             Outline Agreement Item Data (Internal Structure)           
EKPOOAITEX             Outline Agreement Item Data (Internal Structure)           
EKPOUPOS               Purchasing sub-item data (MPN A&D)                         
EKPO_ADD                Additional Fields For Item Split                           
EKPO_AUFTEILER         Structure for Changing Allocation Table in PO Item         
EKPO_BUF_KEY_MATNR_WERKSKey for EKPO Buffer read by matnr, werks                    
EKPO_CI                Structure: Cust. Include for Field Transport to Item Screen
EKPO_KEY               Structure for Array Fetch (Table EKPO)                     
EKPO_LTSNR             Vendor Subrange                                             
EKPO_MATNR             Article Number                                             
EKPO_PRDAT_STAKO       Price Data of Item in Case of Master Conditions            
EKPO_REFC              Reference Data: Purchase Order Item                        
EKPO_SPLITT            Split Items                                                
EKPO_SRM_DATA          SRM Fields in Purchase Order Item                          
EKPO_SRM_DATAX         SRM Fields in Purchase Order Item: Change Parameter        
EKPO_UPDVIEW           Generated Table for View                                   
EKPR                   Transfer: MM Purchase Requisition                          
EKPV                    Shipping Data For Stock Transfer of Purchasing Document Item
EKPVV                  Generated Table for View                                   
EKPYPLADJ              Structure for Amount Adjustment with Payment Schedules      
EKQUOTA                Table of Quota Arrangements per Article                    
EKREP                  Purchasing Data for Reporting                              
EKRS                   ERS Procedure: Goods (Merchandise) Movements to be Invoiced
EKRSDC                 ERS Procedure: Planned Delivery Costs to be Invoiced       
EKR_REPDATA            Korea: Legal reporting SDATA mapping for addtional data    
EKSEL                  Selected Purchase Orders                                   
EKUB                   Index for Stock Transport Orders for Article               
EKUM_SUM               Structure KUM_SUM                                          
EKUN                    IS-U-Specific Fields for Business Partner                  
EKUNADRD               Screen Fields: Cust. Addr. and Communication for Subscreens
EKUNADRT               Texts for Customer Address Fields in Subscreens             
EKUNBANKD              Screen Fields: Customer Bank Details for Subscreens        
EKUNCCARD              Customer Data Screen Fields for Subscreens: Credit Cards   
EKUND                  Fields for Business Partner on Subscreens                  
EKUNDIINIT             BP: Initial data (direct input)                            
EKUNI                  IS-U-Specific Fields for Business Partner                  
EKUNI_C                IS-U-Specific Fields for Business Partner                  
EKUNNAMED              Screen Fields: Cust.Name and Search Terms for Subscreens   
EKUNNAMET              Texts for Customer Name Fields on Subscreens               
EKUNUPD                 BP: IS-U-Specific Data (Update)                            
EKUN_DI                IS-U-Specific Fields for Business Partner                  
EKUN_EXT               CBP: General Data (Read Transfer Structure)                 
EKUN_INST_REM          CBP: General Data for Installation, Removal, or Replacement
EKUN___I               CBP: General Data plus Status Information                  
EKURS                  Event Booking (Event Type, Company, Attendees, Period etc.)
EKVKP                  Sales Prices for PO Printout                               
Purchase order table in SAP

Purchase Order Transaction Code

The Below mention transaction codes are those transaction codes which are frequently use to create purchase order in sap and some other important things which is related to purchase order in sap.

ME21Create Purchase Order
ME21NCreate Purchase Order
ME22Change Purchase Order
ME22NChange Purchase Order
ME23Display Purchase Order
ME23NDisplay Purchase Order
ME25Create PO with Source Determination
ME27Create Stock Transport Order
ME28Release Purchase Order
ME29NRelease purchase order
ME2LPurchase Orders by Vendor
ME2MPurchase Orders by Article
ME2NPurchase Orders by PO Number
Purchase Order Transaction Code

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