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Purchase Requisition in SAP
Purchase Requisition in SAP MM

What is Purchase requisition in SAP?

Purchase Requisition in sap is a first phase of P2P (Process to Pay) Cycle in SAP. After Determining the Material or requirement of materials we will proceed the purchase requisition process. To know more about P2P (Process to Pay) Cycle please check our previous post or click on below link.

Procurement in every organization starts with determining requirements. Once requirements are collected, we need to inform the purchasing organization about organization requirements.

Purchase requirement is a document that contains a list of required materials, services, or goods. Purchase requisition is a request that is made to the purchasing organization to procure a required list of materials.

Purchase requisition number is an internal document number generated and remains within the organization. Purchase requisition needs approval from the purchase organization for further process. Purchase requisition can be generated from the following procurement types-

  • Standard – Receiving required materials from vendor, for example we need thread or button we directly placed the standard order to vendor.
  • Subcontracting– It is like job work process provided raw materials to vendor and vendor will process the raw material to finished product, for example we ask for job work to vendor of our pullover which is not washed in this case we will ask to vendor for job work of washing and placed the subcontracting to vendor for washing.
  • Consignment-Purchasing material that is kept in organization storage location and paying to vendor for that. It is used in contract of carriage.
  • Stock transfer – Transferring material within same organization, for example plant A required some raw material but it’s not available at plant A in this case plant A will ask for the required material to other plant like B if this materials stock is available at plant B.
  • For understanding the process of purchase requisition, I have created using standard purchase requisition process to learn about how the simple procure to pay cycle runs within the business and for that I have made 2 materials and different vendors from which I wanted to procure them which shown below in detail.

    Transaction Code: ME51N.

    Navigation Path: SAP Menu ->Logistics->Materials Management-> Purchasing-> Purchasing Requisition-Create.

    Step 1. Enter Transaction code in command box or by using navigation path go for create purchase requisition.

    Tcode and Navigation to open create purchase requisition form.
    create purchase requisition.

    Step 2. Select the document type and fill the required details like material number, quantity, material group, plant code, purchase group and valuation etc.

    items detail to fill for creating purchase requisition.
    Purchase Requisition Number Created.
    Purchase Requisition Number Created.

    Purchase requisition number created which will be proceed for further process of us procure to pay cycle.

    Purchase requisition steps is completed.

    Purchase Requisition Table in SAP.

    Table NameTable text
    EBANPurchase Requisition

    Purchase Requisition TCodes in SAP.

    Transaction CodeTransaction Text
    ME51NCreate Purchase Requisition
    ME52NChange Purchase Requisition
    ME53NDisplay Purchase Requisition
    ME5APurchase Requisitions: List Display
    ME5JPurchase Requisitions for Project
    ME5KRequisitions by Account Assignment

    In Next blog we will see how to create Request for quotation Second phase of P2P (Procure to Pay) Cycle.

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