MM Transaction Codes | Maintain Source List in SAP | Post Other Goods Receipts | Create Non-Stock Material

MM Transaction Codes | Maintain Source List in SAP | Post Other Goods Receipts | Create Non-Stock Material

MM Transaction Codes In SAP : In this article we are going to discuss about the MM Transaction Codes In SAP, SAP provides us two ways to enter in any process or execute any process one is Navigation and other is Transaction Codes (T-codes). To reach any process directly or by shortcut we will use Transaction Codes.

In this article we will see some important SAP MM – Transaction Codes, Maintain Source List Transaction Codes, Post Other Goods Receipts Transaction Codes and Create Non-Stock Material transaction codes.

MM Transaction Codes
MM Transaction Codes In SAP

MM Transaction Codes

T-Code & Description

In this column we are writing the T-Code & Description related to organization structure.

  • OX15-Create Company
  • OX02-Create Company Code
  • OX10-Create Plant
  • OX09-Create Storage Location
  • OX08-Create Purchasing Organization
  • OME4-Create Purchasing Group
  • OX18-Assign Plant to Company Code
  • OX01-Assign Purchasing Organization to Company Code
  • OX17-Assign Purchasing Organization to Plant

SAP MM – Transaction Codes

In this column we are writing the SAP MM – Transaction Codes related to Master Data creation Like Material Master Creating, changes and display, Vendor Master Creation, changes and display.

  • MM01-Create Material
  • MM02-Change Material
  • MM03-Display Material
  • MB51-Material Document List
  • MMDE-Delete All Materials
  • MMNR-Define Material Master Number Ranges
  •  XK01-Create Vendor
  • XK02-Change Vendor
  • XK03-Display Vendor
  • ML33-Create Vendor Conditions
  • ME11-Maintain Purchasing Info Record

Maintain Source List

Maintain Source List 1
Maintain Source List
  • ME51N-Create Purchase Requisition
  • ME52N-Change Purchase Requisition
  • ME53N-Display Purchase Requisition
  • ME41-Create RFQ/Quotation
  • ME42-Change RFQ/Quotation
  • ME43-Display RFQ/Quotation
  • ME31L-Create Scheduling Agreement
  • ME32L-Change Scheduling Agreement
  • ME33L-Display Scheduling Agreement
  • MEQ1-Create Quota Arrangement
  • MEQ2-Change Quota Arrangement
  • MEQ3-Display Quota Arrangement
  • ME21N-Create Purchase Order
  • ME22N-Change Purchase Order
  • ME23N-Display Purchase Order
  • ME29N-Release Purchase Order
  • ME59N-Automatic generation of Purchase Order
  • MIGO-Post Goods Movement
  • MB1A-Goods Withdrawal
  • MB1B-Transfer Posting
  • MB1C-SAP MM – Transaction Codes –

Post Other Goods Receipts

  • MB01-Post Goods Receipt for Purchase Order
  • OMJJ-Customizing: Define New Movement Types
  • MIRO-Enter Incoming Invoice
  • MIRA-Fast Invoice Entry
  • MR8M-Cancel Invoice Document
  • MRBR-Release Blocked Invoices
  • OMR6-Tolerance limits: Invoice Verification
  • MIR5-Display List of Invoice Documents
  • MIR6-Invoice Overview
  • MIR7-Park Invoice
  • MRIS-Settle Invoicing Plan
  • AC02-Service Master
  • ML81N-Create Service Entry Sheet
  • MRRL-Evaluated Receipt Settlement
  • MMB1-Create Semi-Finished Product
  • MMF1-Create Finished Product
  • MMG1-Create Returnable Packaging
  • MMH1-Create Trading Goods
  • MMI1-Create Operating Supplies
  • MMK1-Create Configurable Material

Create Non-Stock Material

  • MMBE-Stock Overview
  • MB52-List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand
  • MB21-Create Reservation
  • MBST-Cancel Material Document
  • MB5T-Stock in Transit

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