How to turn off ad Blocker Chrome | How to Block ads on Google Chrome

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How to turn off ad blocker chrome

Now a days everyone used to Google chrome internet browser which was very fine & gives us to excellent browsing experience. It gives us super speed for browsing & download our official data and any other internet related work. When we use chrome everyone noticed that many pop-up and ads suddenly came and make us irritate.

Why Ads Block in Chrome?

Pop-up of advertisements in browsers is part of the life of every computer user. Is this happens due to companies advertise to people now a days, and like it or not, that is part of the browsing experience. Ads Popup can be one of the most aggravating things you have to deal with while browsing around online and filling some important files.

Beside this, you can definitely block ads in Google Chrome and give to himself a smoother, ads free, less irritating experience in the ads free browser.

Block ads on Google Chrome

Block Ads in Google Chrome | How to Block ads on Google Chrome

You can use some different methods to block ads in Google Chrome. We have some tools in Google Chrome settings that will help you get this done. Or, we can choose another method to use an extension. Both methods work considerable, so it is a matter of personal choice as to which method you choose.

How to Block ads on Google Chrome

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can block ads in Google Chrome. Today I am trying to rid over from this issue through some ways with you.

Today we are providing you two easy Tips for block unnecessary Ads & Pop-ups which was make us impulsive while we using Google chrome browser.

1.Block Ads from Google Chrome

First of all we have to open the Google Chrome browser from your desktop. In Mac system you can find coloured ball chrome icon it in your Applications folder, or in windows we can find this on our desktop or Start menu. Here you will find Step by step Procedure:-

  • Click on right Bottom of Chrome 3 dots (customize and control google chrome) icon and then click on Setting which was shown in below picture
how to block ads on google chrome

After open Setting click on Security and privacy icon and then open Site Settings :-

Block Ads from Google Chrome

Then Scroll down the page and in Additional permissions icon click on Pop-ups and redirects tab:-

Block Ads from Google Chrome

In Pop-ups and redirects we can block ads by click on don’t allow sites to send pop-ups or use redirects check box:-

How to turn off ad blocker chrome
How to turn off ad blocker chrome

Below Method are very simple, effective and inbuilt way to bock ads in google chrome.

2.Block ads from Ad block Extension

  • Open the extension page from Chrome browser then, click on the “Add to Chrome” button to add the extension to your Chrome browser.
Block ads from Ad block Extension

After ‘Add to Chrome’ Ad Block extension will be added in Google Chrome browser & will show in your extensions area. You will Extension icon in it on the top right of your browser.

Block ads from Ad block Extension
How to Block ads on Google Chrome

Click on that and in the dropdown menu icon and select settings/options for change any type of settings. After setup now Ad Blocker successfully run on Chrome browser.

You can also remove ad blocker from Remove from chrome tab which was shown in above picture. You will definitely rid this issue after follow these 2 methods for the same issue.

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What is Ad Blocker ?

Ad Blocker is a web based application or tool that helps to avoid showing unnecessary ads while opening a website.

Are ad blockers free ?

Yes, most of the ad blockers are free or open source but some premium services are also available but for this you will have to pay some money for there respective services.

How to Download Google AdBlock — best ad blocker download ?

Download ad block please follow the link below and add it to your extension
AdBlock — best ad blocker

Hope you all find better resolution about your Google chrome ads pop-up issue having follow these simple tips and ways.

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